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Archive Prints III

Celebrating the work of Morris and other eminent designers such as John Henry Dearle, Archive III Prints brings together faithful reproductions of classic fabrics including ‘Tulip’ and ‘Snakeshead’ with new, exciting designs – ‘Rosehip’, ‘Swans’ and ‘Primrose & Columbine’ – inspired by Morris’ ceramic tiles. ‘Grapevine’ recalls the theme often used in Morris’ border decorations for manuscripts, and has been produced from the same lino-printing method as ‘Rosehip’. Adapting long established wallpaper patterns to fabrics for the first time breathes new life into some much loved favourites including ‘Pimpernel’ and ‘Morris Seaweed’, whilst ‘The Brook’, the collection’s show-stopping scenic design, created by Alison Gee, honours the magnificent tapestries produced by Morris & Co, and Dearle in particular, and comes in two cloth types.

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