With its original inspiration coming from the textile crafts of Central Asia, through its joyous colour and spirit, ANATOLIA by Jim Thompson under the No.9 label, manages to encapsulate the casual, free spirit of the entire Mediterranean coastline. Designs include: AISHA, ANATOLIA STRIPE, CABANA, KARAPINAR MORO, TORBA, ZELIG, CASABLANCA TRIM AND MEKNES TRIM.

The wonderful KARAPINAR has been used by acclaimed Interior Designer, Anna Spiro, in guest rooms at the new HALCYON HOUSE at Cabarita Beach (note: not the image below).

See ANATOLIA FABRIC collection here.

KARAPINAR is offered in 3 gorgeous colour combinations

ANATOLIA Karapinar image

Anatolia image

ANATOLIA Torba image

Anatolia image 2

SECOND DYNASTY – New! from Jim Thompson

SECOND DYNASTY collection just released by Jim Thompson under the No.9 label, is a revisit of the Dynasty Collection released in 2011, which featured the hugely popular ‘Enter the Dragons’ print. Moving a fresh take on Chinoiserie even further, this season’s offering is presented with a more ‘grown up’ feel. Designs include: CHINESE DAMASK, DRAGON KING, DYNASTY VELVET, HAINAN, HAINAN BURN-OUT, HO FUN, LANG LANG, QUEEN BEE, ROAD, PULU TRIM AND APIARY TRIM.

See the SECOND DYNASTY collection here.

2ND DYNASTY image 2

2ND DYNASTY image 3

2nd DYNASTY image 5