WOODLAND WALK by Sanderson – sophisticated modern country

The quiet influence of nature is restful; there is pleasure in a tranquil spot away from the hustle and bustle of modern life; the outdoors revives our senses, makes us feel alive. All the elements of the Sanderson WOODLAND WALK Wallpaper collection work together harmoniously to create a sophisticated, modern country style. Designs include: CHESTNUT TREE, FERN GALLERY, MAGNOLIA & POMEGRANATE, MEADOW CANVAS, OAK FILIGREE, WILDWOOD, WOODLAND CHORUS, WOODLAND TOILE

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Woodland-Walk-Wallpapers-Woodland-Chorus 2






“50s FABRICS” – New! from Sanderson

Following the success of retro design Dandelion Clocks and the enthusiastic response to Sanderson’s 50s designs displayed at the exhibition ‘Very Sanderson: 150 years of English Decoration’ at the Fashion & Textile Museum, London in 2010, this spring seems the ideal time to showcase designs from this innovative decade. The result is a bold and iconic collection of prints, wallpapers, embroideries, weaves and velvets. The Sanderson 50s collection combines original 1950s designs from the Sanderson archive with patterns from contemporary artists who have taken inspiration from this era.

Fabrics: from $85/m + 10%gst

Wallpapers: from $85/roll + 10%gst

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‘SWEET BAY’ by Sanderson

A Magnolia Tree in Full Bloom with fabulous blossoms on  a gently undulating stem has been printed to capture the rich watercolour tonality of  botanical paintings. SWEET BAY from the PARCHMENT FLOWERS COLLECTION by Sanderson is available in four classic colour combinations on softly glazed cotton. For more information about SWEET BAY and PARCHMENT FLOWERS COLLECTION click here – Price: $93/m   

Sanderson ‘SAMARKAND’ – Ottoman Weaves

This bold, beautiful collection of Ottoman weaves displays a vibrancy and exuberance reflective of old nomadic textiles from the Turkish and Ottoman regions. The three designs are based on textiles produced in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries for wall hangings, ‘Bohcas’ (meaning ‘wrappers’) and bed covers. Coloured in combinations of rich, traditionally used natural dyes and contemporary, trend-led hues, each is suitable for general domestic upholstery and curtains.

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Curtain: KAZAK/Ebony Stone $170/m

Sofa: KAYSERI/Ebony Stone $170/m

Cushion: SAMARKAND/Turmeric Ebony $170/m

Sanderson ‘TREE POPPY’ – Bold Deco Floral

 TREE POPPY Col. Red/Plum

The 1920s Eton Rural design ‘Tree Poppy’ with its Art Deco style, would have been considered extremely contemporary when first produced and that modern quality has been enhanced in the design today.


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