ALESSANDRA BRANCA for Schumacher – pure style!

Born and raised in Rome, ALESSANDRA BRANCA learned at an early age that classical beauty is meant to be intermingled with everyday life. She believes that living well also involves comfort, elegance, and a dose of humour – whether it’s a beach house in the islands, a Colorado ranch, a first home for a young family, or a sophisticated New York apartment. Do yourself a favour and enjoy viewing her stunning collection for Schumacher Fabrics.

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Andrea Strie Velvet



ANNA DAMASK pic 268434-1

ANNA DAMASK pic 68433-2

ALEXANDER TARTAN pic 3 68322-3

ALEXANDER TARTAN pic 2 68322-2

ALEXANDER TARTAN pic 175512-68322

ELIZABETH pic 175500-1 Rouge Grey

BRANCA STRIPE pic 68311-1

BRANCA STRIPE pic 68314-1

Schumacher CLASSICS COLLECTION – timeless favourites!

Couture and CLASSICS COLLECTION by Schumacher picks out the designer favourites and the all time most popular ‘classics’ from their archives. New colours have been added to many of these iconic and most popular designs, making them more versatile for today’s trends. Selecting any of these timeless and iconic designs for your scheme will make for a solid selection every time. Designs include: CAMPAGNE, CHINOIS, ICONIC LEOPARD, INDIAN ARBRE, KHOTAN WEAVE, LANDSDALE BOUQUET, LE MENAGERIE, LES FOUGERES, LOTUS GARDEN, MARINE TOILE, PEARL RIVER, PERSIAN LANCERS, PLAISIRS DE LA CHINE, PYNE HOLLYHOCK PRINT, SAMARKAND IKAT II, SANDOWAY VINE, SHENGYOU TOILE, SONG GARDEN, WOODLAND SILHOUETTE, ZANZIBAR LINEN PRINT

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…. and here is just a small taste of this stunning classic collection….


PLAISIRS DE LA CHINE 172852 Porcelain

LOTUS GARDEN 172935 Jade

PEARL RIVER 173063 Sea

MARINE TOILE 176161 Indigo

LES FOUGERES 174090 Document


Celebrating Schumacher’s 125th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION

To celebrate Schumachers 125th Anniversary, they’ve mined their archives to pull together a best hits collection of the house’s most iconic fabrics; the 125TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION is an unparalleled commitment to quality, a respect for classicism, and a steadfast pursuit for the cutting edge. Designs include: BOUGHTON HOUSE, CITRUS GARDEN, ICONIC LEOPARD, INDIAN ARBRE, LES GAZELLES AU BOIS, MANOR ROSE, ODALISQUE, SERENGETI, SHENGYOU TOILE, SHOCK WAVE, SONG GARDEN, VALKYRIE FLAME STITCH, ZANZIBAR TRELLIS CHINTZ

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125th Anniv Logo image


125th Anniv 7

125th Anniv 4

125th Anniv 3

125th Anniv 2



IMPERIAL TRELLIS SHEER – New! from Schumacher

How dreamy…..

Derived from Schumacher’s best-selling print and wallpaper, IMPERIAL TRELLIS SHEER is woven in 100% polyester for maximum durability. The 297cm wide width works well for seamless window treatments, and it lends a grand and graphic punch to any interior.

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Schumacher IMPERIAL TRELLIS SHEER 67720 Meringue
Schumacher IMPERIAL TRELLIS SHEER 67720 Meringue

3 NEW colours for Schumacher IMPERIAL TRELLIS II

Schumacher’s iconic IMPERIAL TRELLIS linen by renowned designer Kelly Wearstler, has just been released in 3 new designer colours: JET (sharp black/white), MINERAL (soft duckegg blue/white) and BLUSH (soft pink/white). This fabric is suitable for upholstery, drapery and accessories. How exciting!!!

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Schumacher IMPERIAL TRELLIS II 174414 Jet
Schumacher IMPERIAL TRELLIS II 174414 Jet
Schumacher IMPERIAL TRELLIS II 174415 Mineral
Schumacher IMPERIAL TRELLIS II 174415 Mineral
Schumacher IMPERIAL TRELLIS II 174416 Blush
Schumacher IMPERIAL TRELLIS II 174416 Blush

*** 3 NEW CHIANG MAI DRAGON COLOURS *** by Schumacher

CHIANG MAI DRAGON is one of Schumacher’s best-loved designs. Since its introduction in 2006, the fabric has become iconic among our patterns. The modern Chinoiserie motif, which is screened onto rich linen and is also available as a wallcovering, originally came from an exuberant Art Deco block print that was created in the 1920s.

See all 8 colour here:- Schumacher CHIANG MAI DRAGON

Schumacher CHIANG MAI DRAGON Smoke
Schumacher CHIANG MAI DRAGON Smoke
Schumacher CHIANG MAI DRAGON Ebony
Schumacher CHIANG MAI DRAGON Ebony

JAIPUR | HAND BLOCK WALLPAPER by Schumacher – Blue & White overload!

JAIPUR | HAND BLOCK WALLCOVERINGS  by Schumacher – The art of the hand block is highly prized for its beautifully crafted appearance—subtle, softened and varied, each motif showing the hand and mark of its maker. Even the wood blocks used to create the designs are carved by hand, and much of their natural beauty lies in their intricately detailed forms and time-worn edges. This exquisite collection of wallcoverings is entirely hand block printed, using traditional methods and classic patterns in new interpretations and colourations created exclusively by Schumacher. The designs vary in scale, from small and delicate bhuti prints and decoratively detailed stripes, to bold damask motifs, Greek key patterns and multi-hued paisleys. The timeless quality of these prints is enhanced with durable surfaces and inks, creating versatile wallcoverings that are suitable for a variety of modern and traditional interiors.

Blue & White colouring features in every design, together with other soft ‘liveable’ colours….


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NEW! Martyn Lawrence Bullard Wallpapers – from Schumacher

Building on the success of his stunning fabric collection, internationally acclaimed celebrity designer MARTYN LAWRENCE BULLARD introduces a collection of wallcoverings exclusively for Schumacher. Inspired by travels to the most romantic sites on the globe, Martyn has created a collection bursting with bold, saturated colours and gorgeous, artful patterns. Prints in the collection evoke the timeless Ottoman motifs that Martyn witnessed in the graphic screens, painted panels and embellished tile decorating the majestic palaces of Turkey, Morocco and India. With an alluring liveliness, the vibrant wallcoverings, panels and borders showcase a vivid colour palette that includes metallic gold, cerulean and fashionable black and white. Layering the collection only enhances the classical beauty of its themes and makes ancient treasures au courant.

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MLB 5006734

MLB 5006650_174833_SH101E_FR415-H_FL270



MLB 5006620_5006720_5006660_5006680_-SAPM1005_SH178_50828

MARY MCDONALD – a glamourous & sophisticated collection for Schumacher!

Mary McDonald logo

MARY MCDONALD, one of today’s most sought after and celebrated designers, has created a collection exclusively for Schumacher. Blending her love of Chinoiserie, colour and bold patterns Mary reinterprets traditional textile designs in a clean and graphic style. Enhanced through dramatic scale this collection brings a strong sense of glamour and sophistication to any space.

Exquisite cut velvets, matelassé and delicately detailed linen prints are embellished with embroidered tapes and appliques creating a sumptuous and elegant mix. Colour adds both softness and intensity in clear shades of orange, jade green, aquamarine and blush pink or rich hues of bittersweet brown, ruby red and jet black.

Mary McDonald hero shot

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As frequent readers of Fabric Studio WHATS HOT will know, I have long had a bit of a thing for Blue-n-White ‘anything’. Well I would love to introduce you to the newest member of my collection – meet my gorgeous new chair just installed at our new apartment. It is so beautiful and even on the dullest day, brings the room to life. When it came to selecting ‘the’ blue-n-white fabric, I just had to go with Schumacher CHIANG MAI DRAGON/China Blue 173272 – I’ve admired this fabric for such a long time, and I am so thrilled with the result.

Even just a couple of cushions can bring such amazing energy into a room. It’s available in our online shop here!

Schumacher CHIANG MAI DRAGON China Blue 173272

‘TANGIER FRAME PRINT’ Outdoor Fabric by Trina Turk for Schumacher – Vogue Living January/February 2013


A vintage coat dress provided the inspiration for Trina Turk’s TANGIER FRAME PRINT, a bold chevron design, which is interpreted in saturated colours against crisp white acrylic twill grounds (Sunbrella branded fabric). The decorative details are reminiscent of a batik print, which gives it an exotic and tropical vibe. Its dramatic scale is equally suitable for curtains, upholstery and pillows in indoor and outdoor spaces. You can see the 4 amazing colour combinations and the 8 other complimentary designs in our online shop: Trina Turk Collection 2 for Schumacher.

As seen in Vogue Living Australia, January/February 2013

FALL 2012 CLASSIC PRINTS & WOVENS – classic statement from Schumacher

The patterns in the FALL 2012 CLASSIC PRINTS & WOVENS collection from Schumacher reinvigorate antique, old-world textile design with a timely exoticism. Plush textures and striking visual effects are highlights of the collection, which includes velvet, wool, and raw silk enhanced with embroidery, appliqué and burnished metallic threads and ombré effects. The Prints are grand in scale and richly coloured; this collection of signature Schumacher designs draw on both classic and exotic motifs combined with contemporary colourways resulting in dramatic textiles with timeless appeal.

Here are just a few of the wonderful designs in this new season’s collection:



KELLY WEARSTLER ‘Emerald Cut’ – as seen in Real Living Magazine

EMERALD CUT 2643900 Lotus Ivory

As featured in November 2012 issue of REAL LIVING Magazine.

This reversible pocket weave is woven of 100 percent cotton. Inspired by a classic gem shape, EMERALD CUT by Kelly Wearstler for Schumacher, is expanded to a scale that blings. Five colours are available in combination with ivory: lotus, mink, mandarin, bristol, and biscuit.

Content: 100%Cotton (FULLY REVERSIBLE)

Width: 129cm

Pattern Repeat: V11cm  H11cm

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MARTYN LAWRENCE BULLARD ‘Adras Ikat Print’ – as seen in Real Living Magazine

ADRAS IKAT PRINT – Jewel – 174820

As featured in November 2012 issue of REAL LIVING Magazine.

Inspired by an antique warp printed silk textile discovered by Martyn Lawrence Bullard during his travels, the fabric ‘ADRAS IKAT PRINT’ combines the brilliance of clear colourations with the boldness of a chevron pattern. Printed on a tightly woven cotton poplin ground suitable for upholstery and curtains, the smooth surface of the fabric and textured interpretation of the design echo the original silk ikat. The graphic look of Schumacher’s ‘Adras Ikat Print’ is perfect for adding an exotic note to a traditional room or a pop of saturated color in a modern interior.

Content:  100%Cotton

Width:  137cm

Pattern Repeat: V47cm  H68cm

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Celerie Kemble for Schumacher – her debut wallpaper collection is here!

Glamorous designer Celerie Kemble has just launched her debut wallpaper collection in collaboration with Schumacher. We can’t wait to have it available in our online shop and will let you know when it’s launched here. Here’s a sneak peak….

Schumacher FEATHER BLOOM - 5006072
Schumacher ACANTHUS STRIPE - 5006054
Schumacher HOT HOUSE FLOWERS SISAL - 5006090
Schumacher CIRRUS CLOUDS - 5006063

A-TWITTER … Perfect wallpaper for Spring by Schumacher

A-TWITTER wallpaper by Schumacher – A graphic branching tree is the backdrop for a flock of songbirds, in this screen printed wallcovering. Its colorations of winter and summer feature both chic neutrals and colourfully bright hues.

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A-TWITTER SKU-5005030 Winter
A-TWITTER SKU-5005031 Summer

Grandma’s Blanket Box!

People often say to me “I bet your home is amazing” – and I always answer “well it’s just like yours really, a mix of new, some not so new, and some really old family treasures that aren’t terribly valuable, but priceless to me!”

Many years ago, I rescued my paternal Grandmother’s old blanket box, that I believe transported some of her belongings when she emigrated from Wales as a 13 yr old girl.

Well, it’s just had a facelift and I thought I’d share a couple of pics with you. The fabric is Schumacher IMPERIAL TRELLIS VELVET/Chartreuse , the paint is Resene MONKEY, and, it also got a shiny new set of chrome caster/wheels from Warwick. Couldn’t me more thrilled!

‘LULU | DK Child – from Schumacher for the ‘sophisticated child’

Lulu deKwiatkowski, founder and designer of LULU DK Fabrics, has collaborated with Schumacher on a joyful and sophisticated collection of children’s fabrics. Lulu’s signature style: bold, generous use of colour and whimsical hand painted design is evident throughout this line of coordinating prints and embroideries.

LULU DK | Child features eight prints and six embroideries on cotton grounds, including an embroidered tape. The color palette mixes pastels and brights, which are well suited to the enchanting array of animals, butterflies, small patterns, and overscaled motifs. The collection provides diverse options for girl’s and boy’s rooms, from infants to teens, as well as for a variety of casual interiors.

Price: from $96/metre

Fabric designs include: Butterfly, Cha-Cha, Cotton Candy, Firecrackers, Jungle Jubilee, Lollipop, Love, Love Border, Macaroni, Ode to Matisse, Parade, Sailboat, Skittles, Star, Twix Tape

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