Wallpaper – Floral

‘SWEET BAY’ by Sanderson

A Magnolia Tree in Full Bloom with fabulous blossoms on  a gently undulating stem has been printed to capture the rich watercolour tonality of  botanical paintings. SWEET BAY from the PARCHMENT FLOWERS COLLECTION by Sanderson is available in four classic colour combinations on softly glazed cotton. For more information about SWEET BAY and PARCHMENT FLOWERS COLLECTION click here – Price: $93/m   

Sanderson ‘ETCHINGS & ROSES’ …. old design is new again

ETCHINGS & ROSES Col. Empire Yellow

Three rare and beautifully engraved prints from Mulhouse have been faithfully reproduced in this simple but effective design ETCHINGS & ROSES, which is part of Sanderson‘s popular Parchment Flowers collection. The addition of coloured backgrounds give this design a very contemporary feel in spite of its antique origins. It is printed on linen union in five colourways. $116/m

For more information about ETCHINGS & ROSES and the PARCHEMENT FLOWERS COLLECTION click here