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Jim Thompson Fabrics Collections

Jim Thompson fabrics have an extraordinary heritage based on the ideology of James H.W. Thompson. Jim Thompson was an American architect and art collector who practiced architecture. Jim Thompson was captivated by Thailand and its culture, particularly the art of hand-woven Thai silk. Jim believed Thai silk would appeal to textile lovers in America and Europe, whose patronage could support local weavers and silk farmers, in an era when economic opportunities were limited in a developing country such as Thailand. Jim Thompson dedicated his life to organizing a network of artisans, enabling Thai weavers to create silks that would dazzle the world. By 1950 he had founded The Thai Silk Company, aimed in part at sustaining the traditional livelihoods, culture and dignity of local weavers and silk farmers. Today, with every metre of Jim Thompson silks and newly introduced linens fabrics, you are always assured of the highest quality, attention to detail and exquisite finishes. More recently Jim Thompson fabrics have collaborated with Richard Smith for the No.9 Collection, offering striking designs for the modern interior. (This supplier has many many collections, and so if you don't see what you are looking for here, please just email us with the name of the product your would like information on).

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